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  carla 2cdfd0fef5 Update default params values. 4 years ago
  carla 822bd03cdf Save model weights and argument params separately. 4 years ago
  carla b4307f91ca Add verbosity parameter 4 years ago
  carla d1e0400893 Add ranking layer as output to model. 4 years ago
  carla 4943e101b3 Add fit_generator method to model 4 years ago
  carla 11d6f5d292 Encapsulate model in a class for flexibility and error checking 4 years ago
  carla 25fe193d56 Add Hit Rate metric to model. 4 years ago
  carla f5a373ef65 Basic training script 4 years ago
  carla f9af97f6c9 movierec skeleton 4 years ago