Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  carla 79de7c4e50 Extract download logic to movielens_utils and download by default on 4 years ago
  carla b357b9bb66 Extract movielens constants and methods to utils class. 4 years ago
  carla 899f311ded Make dataset names lower cased 4 years ago
  carla 662d303a09 Update data generator to produce batches with items grouped by user 4 years ago
  carla 88203dfae2 Remove wrong error checking. 4 years ago
  carla dbdbfade2a Make items and users 0-indexed and error checking to data generator. 4 years ago
  carla adc406dd35 Get num users and items from dataset name and make them available from 4 years ago
  carla e0e255bc39 Create dataset generator 4 years ago
  carla 0141d492a2 Create a validation split as well as train/test. 4 years ago
  carla c3010f59bc Fix dataset file path 4 years ago
  carla 87a2805fa4 Method to load rating train and test sets. 4 years ago
  carla 2ac7896e56 Method to download movielens dataset 4 years ago
  carla f9af97f6c9 movierec skeleton 4 years ago