Automatic Movie Recommendation System

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Automatic Movie Recommendation System using Tensorflow and TensorRT.

This project implements a Movie Recommendation System using MovieLens data.

The model and training and evaluation methods are based on Neural Collaborative Filtering (He et al. 2017).

The data processing, model and training modules leverage Tensorflow and Keras. There are scripts to export a trained model into a NVIDIA TensorRT compatible model, and to run a sample command-line client to request inferences to a model deployed and running in a NVIDIA TensorRT Inference Server.

How to Clone to a Local Repository

Make sure you have git installed on your local machine, you have an ssh key for and you have properly setup your ~/.ssh/config. (See support section below if you need help with that.)

Once you are ready to clone the repository, run the following command on your local machine:

git clone        

How to Get Support

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