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  Emily Cooke 81a4ed143d Fix (again) formatting of README project organization 4 years ago
  Emily Cooke 92cd8f88fd Fix formatting of README project organization 4 years ago
  Emily Cooke 1edf9852ff Correct false confirmation of conda environment creation. 4 years ago
  emilycooke f78cb40bec Switch license from MIT to Apache 2.0 4 years ago
  emilycooke 17551cc7d2 Download energy prediction data from the Internet, since we cannot include ISO NE raw data in our package. 4 years ago
  emilycooke f73b13eca1 Change workflow for weather prediction: use model tuned on all features to test feature subset performance during feature selection. Also, reduce number of hidden nodes tested in both models. 4 years ago
  emilycooke 7e7dce5b9f Fix formatting of README. 4 years ago
  emilycooke 878f1a5925 Update README with true project directory. 4 years ago
  emilycooke ca75b2228f Fix bugs: cross-sectional data features are correctly lagged by 1 hour; energy data no longer shuffled; outlier feature does not include target information; and weekend feature is formulated properly. Add full commentary to train_model scripts to explain neural network training code. 4 years ago
  emilycooke 647852b5d7 Remove text "reports" and figures from repository. 4 years ago
  emilycooke 0deb044694 Remove change that was in progress but not ready for commit (data shifting). 4 years ago
  emilycooke 61f6a949e1 Reorganize notebook sequence to make more sense. Add comments to explain more steps/decisions in the code. 4 years ago
  emilycooke 33bd36089c Fix learning rate and num of epochs for energy model training. Remove root transformation on features. Include validation data for feature selection. 4 years ago
  emilycooke b740bbb9fd Fix bugs with forward and backward recursive feature selection search, and make selection process verbose. 4 years ago
  emilycooke 0acf76a694 Add scikit-learn package to energy-prediction requirements. No longer support for Windows. 4 years ago
  emilycooke e4bb7e42e8 Add zipping and unzipping raw data files to Makefile. Include compressed raw data. 4 years ago
  emilycooke e470d32d14 Create data/ and model/ directories needed for code to save output. 4 years ago
  emilycooke 526cfc3466 Remove Cookiecutter elements that will not be used. 4 years ago
  emilycooke 2cb580ca8c Improve internal documentation (code and notebooks) and include results (plots and outputs) for both models. 4 years ago
  emilycooke b75c0370e9 Working version of load prediction model. 4 years ago
  emilycooke 1369f70f9e Clean up weather model code. 4 years ago
  emilycooke 89ad9e894b Put weather model in separate subdirectory. 4 years ago
  emilycooke f7ed57e354 Add regularization and remove batching from model architecture. Convert model metric to RMSE and un-normalize for relevant units. Fix bug where integrated data was not ordered in Unix. 4 years ago
  emilycooke bb3f4e0b3f Fix some linting errors and update notebook file paths. 4 years ago
  emilycooke b1953743ab Make compatible with Linux platform. Customize Makefile. Fix bug where target variable was given as a predictor. 4 years ago
  emilycooke 9e0fda01ac Initial commit. Working version of wind speed prediction model. 4 years ago